How To Cook Rohu Fish

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How To Cook Rohu Fish - Meazzy

Fish has many health benefits and consuming fish now and then can be of excellent wellness exhibition. Rohu fish is one of the river fishes known for its flattering taste and maintaining the alluring after consumption taste on the buds. Rohu fish holds various nutritional factors along with the relishing taste it gives. Rohu fish has loads of proteins and vitamins, making it the go-to fish, especially Indian origin.

Rohu fish is immensely beneficial in providing Vitamin C, which ultimately makes a person's health good. Consuming Rohu fish three times a week can keep you away from all those diseases like cold, cough and flu. Not just that Rohu fish is highly friendly with the heart. Rohu fish has a content of omega-three fatty acids known for being the most familiar with the heart.

Rohu fish is rich in protein but low on fats, making it even better to have it the right way. What makes rohu fish even better is the lower density of fats with highly rich proteins, causing it to be the first choice for people to have it. The better cooked the rohu fish be, the better it would taste on the buds. It would get even better for the consumer to feel the accentuating tastes and flavours the fish.

A recipe to cook rohu fish is given below gather all your ingredients and get going with the recipe to cook the flavours dish known as Rohu fish fry. 

Recipe on – How to cook rohu fish fry?


350 gm Rohu fish

1/2 spoon Coriander powder

1/2 spoon Crushed black pepper

1/4 spoon turmeric powder

3/4 spoon red chilli powder (as per the taste) 

1/2 spoon garam masala

One spoon ginger garlic mix paste

1/2 spoon lemon juice 

2 spoon cornflour 

1spoon besan 

Mustard oil ( any oil as per liking)


Now, you must have gathered the ingredients to cook the rohu fish fry following the steps given below to get yourself a relishing dish. 

Step 1  

Pour coriander leaves into a bowl with crushed pepper, turmeric powder, red chilli, garam masala and some salt along with lemon juice for the taste as per your liking. 

Step 2 

Stir up all the spices in the bowl and add the ginger-garlic mix paste and add few spoons of water to make it into a thick paste. 

Step 3 

Take the Rohu fish in a bowl clean it properly with the water before moving any further with the cooking steps. 

Step 4 

Sprinkle the paste of spices into the rohu fish and spread it all over it with hands to better marinate spices into the fish. 

Step 5 

Post marination adds cornflour and besan to the fish batter and keeps it aside for about 15-20 mins. 

Step 6 

Heat the oil and put the pan on flame and once done, start putting the pieces of fish, not it one at a time.


 Take out the fish pieces into a bowl and drain out the excess oil into the paper. 

Step 8 

Your rohu fish fry is ready to be served with a little garnishing and chutney to taste.