How To Make Chicken Kebab At Home?

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How To Make Chicken Kebab At Home? - Meazzy

Planning to go out tonight? What comes better than having some snacks all by yourself at your home significantly, something like chicken kebabs. It always feels fantastic and out of the world when you get to have the dish of your choice at your comfort. Chicken kebabs have a variety to go with, so choosing the chicken kebab of your liking may that be chicken seekh kebab, chicken shami kebab or chicken malai kebab. Chicken kebab, in any form, still attracts the food or meat lover.

Chicken kebabs either of the kind of kebabs like chicken seekh kebab or chicken shami kebab taste divine when they have that unmatchable delicious marination all rolled over the chicken feast. Making chicken kebab is not that tough if you are hungry? Pickup your kitchen tools and get started with some essential ingredients. But before anything else, make sure you have the chicken or kebabs of your choice that are hygienically packed. Shami Kebab, chicken seekh kebab, chicken galouti kebab, chicken tikka kebab and chicken malai kebabs are some of the most popular delicacies. Let & make you known to the recipe of how to make chicken kebab at home? If you are all set, let & deep dive into the recipe.


Before starting with the how to make chicken kebab at-home recipe, make sure you have the

following ingredients in hand, to begin with.


Refined oil

2 spoon ginger

1/4 mint leaves

8 eggs

3 cinnamon twig

8-9 cloves

4 spoon cumin seeds

2-3 spoon crushed red chilli

1/2 kilograms chopped chicken thighs / Frozen kebab as you like

10-12 garlic pieces

8-9 green chilli

1/4 coriander leaves

2 spoon carom seeds

7-9 black pepper

salt as required

2 cup chana dal

Recipe for Chicken Seekh Kebab

Now that we have all the ingredients ready, we can start with the process of some good appetizing chicken seekh kebabs with the kebabs that you have prepared to eat. Picking up on the frozen kebabs saves your time, and they have always turned out to be the saviour when it comes to having snacks on the go. All your have to do is make the kebabs as mentioned in the steps given below.

Step 1

Pour your kebabs out of the packet straight into the plate.

Step 2

Put some refined oil on the flame to heat up.

Step 3

Once the oil is hot enough, start putting in the kebabs into it and let them fry until the time they turn

brown. You can grill the kebabs as well on a pan.

Step 4

Once they turn brown taken them off on a plate and garnish them well to serve.

This is one of the recipes for Frozen chicken seekh kebabs. Now look for more about how to make chicken kebabs with raw chicken.

Step 1

Gather your ingredients and prepare a bowl filled with marination materials. Add some curd and then some ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, red chilli, black pepper, carom seeds. Stir them well and keep them aside for some time.

Step 2

Take up your Chicken pieces and heat them on a grill at a low flame. Once they start turning their.colour put them off the flame.

Step 3

Take the marination paste, put all your chicken pieces in them and keep them dipped for about an hour.

Step 4

Once the chicken pieces are finely layered heat up the oil and start adding your pieces in it, or else you can grill the marinated pieces.

Step 5

Once they turn brown start pulling them off the flame and setting on the plate with some sides and garnishings. See how easy it was for us to make such yummy chicken kebabs. Now that you know how to make chicken kebabs at home in your comfort, why do you wait? Get started. You can order Chicken seekh kebab; chicken shai kebab and chicken malai kebab from Meazzy as well your online meat shop. We have some mutton kebab options for you as well if you wish to try you know where to order.