How To Marinate Chicken Indian Style ?

Admin 29/12/2020 11:41:33 am
How To Marinate Chicken Indian Style ? - Meazzy

Marination of the chicken done the right way makes the meal tastier. Marination plays a vital role in the right spices adding up delectable taste to the dish with masalas in the right places. Indian style cooking has always been about the spices on the right corners to keep up with the taste game, so it is crucial to have that everlasting and mouth-watering marinated chicken in the Indian style. When it comes to India's most loved food in chicken, it ends up at tandoori chicken, and for that, marination comes as the first step. Many need to be taken care of when making and marinating the chicken in Indian style, preparing your listicle of ingredients, and getting started with the dish. 


- 2 pounds of chicken 

- 1 Cup plain hung curd 

- 1 spoon minced ginger

- 1 spoon minced garlic

- 1 spoon red chili 

- ½ spoon Turmeric 

- ½ spoon garam masala 

- 2 spoon ghee

- 2 spoon kasoori methi

- 1½ spoon salt 

There are directions to marinating chicken the Indian style to that everlasting taste on your palate. The steps on how to go about the marination process are given as follows:

Step 1

You plan to pick up the chicken pieces, remove the skin from the chicken pieces, and chop them. Make sure you sprinkle salt on each side of the sliced chicken and add up some lemon juice. Keep it aside for 30 minutes at least.

Step 2

Pick on to a medium-sized bowl and start mixing hunk curd, onion, garlic, ginger, spices like garam masala, and pepper for the flavor as per your choice. Keep it stirring until it is smooth and paste-like. Spread the paste on the chicken well and cover it up and place in the refrigerator for about 7- 24 hours. 

Step 3

Once it's all done, preheat an outdoor roller for sophisticated medium-high heat with a small oil furnace. 

Step 4

Prepare and cook the chicken on the griller until you see the chicken turning brown or pink just the way you like and all the juices run out of the tract. 

Step 5

Once it's all set, prepare your platter and garnish the chicken with lemon wedges.