Why Meazzy?

We believe in the fact that meat lovers have always been looking out for the most delectable piece and being meat lovers ourselves we at Meazzy have a “Mantra” that we very religiously follow when it comes to bringing the best quality meat to the non- veg lovers.

‘Nobody likes sharing food and definitely not the FRESHEST meat. Would you?

A Promise we make sure on keeping for an eternity is the FRESHNESS. We would never compromise on the freshness of what we provide to Our Meat Lovers. You can count on us when it comes to an amazing Saturday night all by yourself and some appetizing meat to cook.

Hunger never waits, so tell your belly to count 1, 2, 3 for the FASTEST DELIVERY.

We deliver you the fresh, soft and scrumptious meat that can beat your hunger. All you get to do is prepare an amazing set up to hop on the meat we deliver to you in a jiffy. Tell your stomach the food is on its way. Boom we’ll be there.

Quality meat and AFFORDABILITY goes hand in hand with Meazzy.

Assuring you with the best in town quality like no other and the ranges only we serve. We are sure once you take a chance with the meat we wish you to eat you won’t be disappointed and every penny asked for will fit in your pocket. Affordability and quality to let you feel #eazywithmeazzy